Low-impact Paintball


Paintball with less 'ouch'

We utilise a lower power, smaller calibre paintball marker that is designed for youngsters getting into the sport. Players get to enjoy all the same games as normal (capture the flag, VIP etc) but without the worry about getting a painful shot.

As these guns have a lower rate of fire, the good news for parents footing the bill is it also costs less!

Each player has a protective vest and full face goggles. The paint in the ammunition is water soluble, non-toxic and washes off very easily.

Our mobile inflatable barricades mean that we can run games in any venue with a suitable space, even a large garden will do.

Perfect for an amazing birthday party, prices start from £249 (up to12 players) which includes everything the players need for a full 2 hour party gaming session in the Oswestry and surrounding areas (up to 30 min travelling time).

£249.00 For 12 players


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